Sleeping on the train

Sat opposite these two on the train this morning from Brumunddal to Oslo.

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Læst í klóm varnarliðs sérhagsmunanna

Stjórnarskráin nýja er handlögð (nýyrði löggunnar) af fólki sem telur sig geta gert betur. Alþingi hefur ekki orkað að skrifa nýja í 74 ára sögu lýðveldisisns og mun ekki geta skrifað nýja. Þingið er vahæft til þess vegna hagsmunatengsla alþingismanna. Nýja stjórnarskráin hefur vakið verðkuldaða athygli fremstu fræðimanna í heimi á sviði stjórnskipunar og stjórnarskráa.

Þetta er tilraun mín til að túlka stöðuna. Þakka Halldóri teiknara á Fréttablaðinu fyrir hans karikatúr sem ég styðst við í þessari teikningu.

In this sketch I try to see what has happened to the new constitution which was written for Iceland and accepted of the people in a referendum (i.e. the 4 main points of the document). Since 2013 the document has been locked up by 4 different governments which all have proved to be against reforms because they have not been willing to let go off their special privileges or the privileges of those they feel obliged to support. See this link about the constitutional council:,_2010–13

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The shed- Uthus – Útihús

The shed beside beside my house in Norway. Autumn colours beginning to show its art. More to come!

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Houses and a car in the rain

Einn regnvotan dag í Brumunddal.

På en regnvåt dag i Brumunddal.

On a rainy day in Brumunddal Norway.

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Urban Sketching in Oslo

Had a great afternoon with sketchers in Oslo on Tuesday Sept 4, 2018. Tried to catch the building at the square where the statue of the painter Christian Krogh is placed. After we finished I enjoyed a fine dinner at a Chinese restaurant.

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Eight Sketches a Week – eða þannig.

I have given myself more time recently to sketch. The workshop with Cris Franchevich in Oslo a week ago was a huge inspiration. Take it as it is!

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Berlin 2018

 Visited my son in Berlin and did some drawing and watercoloring. We had a great time together.

The first sketch is from a Greek restaurant where we had fine food and a very good service by the person on the drawing.

The second is a night scene by the canal.

Then a tree at a corner in SV-Berlin.

Then a scooter I had startet drawing. But when I had done the steering the owner came and took it away. So I switched to the bicycle nearby.

The final drawing I did on the train from Gardermoen to Brumunddal on my way home.

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