Heaven on Earth – Himinn á jörðu – Himmel på Jord

Had a wonderful time with the orthodox priests at Halgøya Lutheran Church in Norway on Sunday July 1st.

We startet with a short service in the church and then joined in the liturgy with the priests at the graves of the East-Europeans who fled Russland etter 1917 and fled to China and other places but came as fugitives to Norway  in 1954.

See article her in Norwegian: https://www.nrk.no/ho/25-russiske-flyktninger-endte-sine-dager-pa-fredelige-helgoya-1.12433582

After the service we joined for food and drinks. The priests served fresh dates and a special course made of wheat, symbolising the death and resurrection of Christ who spoke of the wheat dying before it it is brouth to life again. The congregation served a chocholate cake, coffe, tea and fruit juice.

I had my sketchbook with me and sketched this picture during the liturgy and then colored it with water colours when I got home.

About ornbardur

Sóknarprestur, fv. fulltrúi í Stjórnlagaráði. Theologian, retired Parish Minister Church of Iceland and Church of Norway. Former member of The Constitutive Council of Iceland.
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