Manchester júlí 2016 – Párað, teiknað og slett

Manchester 7.2016_1Manchester 7.2016_2Manchester 7.2016_3Manchester 7.2016_4Manchester 7.2016_5Manchester 7.2016_6Manchester 7.2016_7Manchester 7.2016_8Manchester 7.2016_9Manchester 7.2016_10Manchester 7.2016_11Manchester 7.2016_12Manchester 7.2016_13Manchester 7.2016_14Manchester 7.2016_16Manchester 7.2016_17Manchester 7.2016_18Manchester 7.2016_19Manchester 7.2016_20

About ornbardur

Sóknarprestur, fv. fulltrúi í Stjórnlagaráði. Parish Minister Church of Iceland (Lutheran), former member of the Constitutive Council of Iceland. Now serving within The Church of Norway.
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