Berlínarblogg 4

Sketches from my trip to Berlin in March 2019. 

1. Monument about the part the Soviet army had in conquering Berlin and bringing the nazi regime to its surrender. 

I was raised up in opposition to communism during the cold war and with good reasons. My family were for freedom and justice. We must oppose all radical movements and ideas from left and right, from religions and ideologies who can harm healthy democracy which has taken the world ages to develop.

2.  A boat in the Spree river, Berlin.

3.  A good starter at Begur restaurant with a spanish style.

4. At St. Thomas Church Berlin.

5. Jazz in Berlin. Our second concert during the 4 days I stayed with my son.


Nýjar teikningar. Nye tegninger. New sketches.

On Saturday March 23, 2019 I met some members of the Urban Sketchers Oslo group. We met at Svanen Bar which is a former drug store – Apotheke established in 1628.

We drew the interior and people.

After the sketching session I found Fiskeriet, a fantastic fish restaurant in Oslo, and had a wonderful Fish and Chips. The Norwegian cod tasted so good it could even have ben caught in Icelandic waters surrounding my homeland!

The first sketch was a little precise. The second more free and the rest also. I needed to warm ups and then take off!



Læst í klóm varnarliðs sérhagsmunanna

Stjórnarskráin nýja er handlögð (nýyrði löggunnar) af fólki sem telur sig geta gert betur. Alþingi hefur ekki orkað að skrifa nýja í 74 ára sögu lýðveldisisns og mun ekki geta skrifað nýja. Þingið er vahæft til þess vegna hagsmunatengsla alþingismanna. Nýja stjórnarskráin hefur vakið verðkuldaða athygli fremstu fræðimanna í heimi á sviði stjórnskipunar og stjórnarskráa.

Þetta er tilraun mín til að túlka stöðuna. Þakka Halldóri teiknara á Fréttablaðinu fyrir hans karikatúr sem ég styðst við í þessari teikningu.

In this sketch I try to see what has happened to the new constitution which was written for Iceland and accepted of the people in a referendum (i.e. the 4 main points of the document). Since 2013 the document has been locked up by 4 different governments which all have proved to be against reforms because they have not been willing to let go off their special privileges or the privileges of those they feel obliged to support. See this link about the constitutional council:,_2010–13